I’m sorry

I’m sorry I didn’t get involved sooner.

I was content to sit on the sidelines and complain.

I didn’t realize that you have to take up a hammer to drive the nail.

I’m sorry I let my talents go to waste.

I could have used my music to bring people together, and turn them towards justice work.

I could have applied myself sooner to studying the constitution, rule of law, history, politics, and community organizing, to be able to effectively guide others in their involvement.

I could have found ways to constructively share the assessment I’ve long held that our society is broken, due to inequality. We must and can do better. Anything else is excuses and tacit endorsement of inequality.

Instead I looked out at the world through bitter eyes, and criticized. I judged my neighbor for not seeing things the way I saw them – as a state of emergency – and for engaging in activities that I consider frivolities just because I don’t enjoy them. I could have learned to share and spread my joy.

Oh well.


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